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We believe that it is not enough just to stress quality within our firm, we also need to test that quality and report the results of those tests to you, our client.

That is why we volunteered to join the Division for CPA firms. One of the requirements of membership in the Division is a review, every three years, of our quality control policies. The review is conducted by our peers, specially trained CPA's from other firms.

The results of this examination are available to the public. That public disclosure is a serious commitment to excellence, and it accurately reflects the degree of our commitment. We would be pleased to provide you a copy of our most recent peer review report in the resources section of this site.

Our other measures for maintaining quality, which also are requirements for membership in the Division, include an average of 40 hours per year of continuing professional education for all members of our professional staff. We routinely conduct internal inspections of work being performed. We carefully screen prospective staff members. We continually check for independence, and we routinely demand close supervision of all engagements.

The Division was created in 1977 by the American Institute of CPA's. Membership is open to all accounting firms, though not all firms have volunteered to join. We did because we believe that anything we can do to improve and maintain quality should be done.

Our quality is important to us because we know it is important to you.


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